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 Great Minds And Sound Bodies That Last.”


        The goal at Glacial Ridge Equine (GRE) is simply to produce a confident,

        versatile, and trainable horse that is able to utilize his/her maximum

        potential over a natural life-span. Our program also recognizes the

        importance of the human component and is structured to produce a 

        confident, educated rider.




Glacial Ridge Equine in Erskine, Minnesota, is owned and managed by Cheryl Byrne. The philosophy and programs at GRE, always evolving, are soundly rooted in scientifically supported principles as well as more than five decades of authentic daily and diverse hands-on interactions with horses.

     Cheryl’s undergraduate academic background at SUNY Morrisville and 

 Wells College includes coursework in all aspects of the biological sciences with emphasis on animal (equine) biology. Graduate studies at Cornell University concentrated on Large Animal Reproductive   Physiology with minors in Nutrition and Physiology.

               Cheryl’s diverse equine experience spans more than five decades.

               Cheryl began riding, showing, and training AHSA/USEF hunters under

the mentorship of some of the best horsemen and women in New York. As

Cheryl developed her skills and training approach, she added success in Western disciplines to her list of accomplishments. The fundamental principles of dressage that Cheryl used with her hunter youngsters have stood the test of time. These principles still provide the solid foundation for the colt starting and training programs at Glacial Ridge Equine.

The GRE Experience

      A strong academic background coupled with decades of daily, intense and well-mentored hands-on experience have taken the guess work out of the development of a simple but effective program at Glacial Ridge Equine. In brief, the basics of the GRE program are:
     1. Maintain an environment that is conducive to the fundamental principles of training/teaching horses and people. “We shall take great care not to annoy the horse and spoil it’s friendly charm, for it is like the scent of a blossom---once lost it will never return.” (Antoine de Pluvinel).
     2. Adhere to the basic tenets of equine developmental biology and physiology to produce a consistent program that appropriately addresses the needs and abilities of each unique animal at all developmental stages.
     3. Utilize all components of a solid equine program to produce willing,

  curious, trusting, calm, and confident horses. In general, these components

           a. Appropriate genetics
           b. Optimal nutrition
           c. Proper, step-by-step training that begins at the beginning and ends at

         the end within an appropriate time frame. “Going slow is the fastest way to get there.” (Tom Dorrance).
           d. Meticulous management. “Care, and not fine stables, makes a good horse.” (Danish proverb).


     The importance of clear communication between horse and handler

cannot be over-emphasized. Although feel and timing can’t be taught, the

GRE philosophy includes programs to educate the human component of the partnership and facilitate the understanding of the basic principles of great horsemanship. “It’s a way you live, it’s a way you think. You can’t make any of this happen, but you can let it happen by working at it.” (Ray Hunt). Our unique lesson program is designed to inform, instruct, and develop critical thinking skills.  Our students develop the independence and confidence that comes with expertise and knowledge. Students of all ages are taught to interact with the horse in a way that the horse not only understands but also enjoys and appreciates. “One thing is for certain---if a person can’t control the horse without the use of force, pain or fear, then that person has not yet found a way to present the horse with a feel he can understand.” (Bill Dorrance). The program at Glacial Ridge Equine is based on the belief that skill development in both horse and rider can be fun and productive.  “Great horses teach good riders to become great horse(wo)men”.

     We’re proud of the great show-pen rides we’ve had over the years, and the many nice awards we’ve received. However, show ring success is only a small part of our story. Our biggest reward and most important moments often come from seeing our horses enjoying diverse lives in successful partnerships.


“Great Minds And Sound Bodies That Last”

What could be better than that?


***Call for more information 218-686-3838***

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