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"Strangers are just friends waiting to happen."

~~~Rod McKuen



Paul Ravas,
Lansing, NY
Since 1997
Paul's initial moderate interest in horses slowly and steadily grew into a life-long learning opportunity as he and his kids learned to ride and care for horses.  Now a proficient horseman, his help and support for our projects at Glacial Ridge Equine have been invaluable.
From Paul: "Cheryl did an amazing job teaching my boys and me not only to ride, but to understand the whole horse and the big picture. I couldn't be happier with the training and condition of the horses that I've left in her care."




Jeff Pierce

Crookston, MN

Since 2004


Jeff's early involvement with Glacial Ridge Equine has grown over the years.  He's been important to our program, and we love the horses he breeds.


From Jeff: "Regardless of the breeding, personality, or gender of a horse, Cheryl does what it takes to get them all to a place where they're happy and confident. They stay sound and have plenty of personality, without the use of drugs or any other type of un-natural aids or restraints. Without exception, they're all easier to be around after going through the GRE training program."



Pam Maygra
Crookston, MN
Since 2003
Pam was one of GRE's inaugural customers, and has remained an important friend and helper ever since. From the foals she has bred and raised, to the horses she has rescued from dire situations, Pam is always ready to make every animal's life better. She also is willing to support every effort to educate and inform people about horses, and has provided many novice riders with the opportunity to learn on the talented horses she owns.

From Pam: "If a person wants a calm and confident horse who enjoys being around people, GRE is the place to be. Whether 


training a horse for show, pleasure, trail riding, or a rider, novice or experienced, this is the place for results that last."

Jennifer Reitmeier

Fargo, ND

Since 2007


Jenn's kind, generous personality and huge heart fit perfectly into the atmosphere at GRE. She's always ready to pitch in and help in any way possible, never needs to be asked. We're so lucky to have her here.


From Jenn: "Cheryl has an amazing understanding of animals, have yet to see one she didn't connect with! Her patience with children is remarkable,and she instills in them the total package of the horse,which includes daily must dos, mentally and physically, to have the total relationship with the animal, and to understand that hard work and commitment reap the most wonderful rewards."


Reise Stromstad

Fertile, MN

Since 2015


Reise made lots of choices and decisions in order to fulfill her dream of learning about horses. An enthusiastic musician, and volley ball player, straight-A Reise is also very active in church groups and loves helping out as a counselor at VBS.  In spite of all that, she still manages to participate in GRE activites (with the help of her very busy support team). All of us are looking forward to the arrival of her drivers  license.








Mary Marquis

Fosston, MN

Since 2006


Employee, customer, friend, gal Friday----Mary has been on-board since the beginning. Always ready with a kind word and delicious snack, Mary's growing herd of grandkids

includes several budding horsewomen!  We're so lucky to have Mary on our team.


Tozia Dippre and Alvin Chase

Warren, Maine

Since 2010


As much as we love our long-distance conversations and annual visits from Alvin and Tozia, what we truly appreciate about these two is the beautiful lives they provide for the horses we've bred and started. From Tozia and Alvin: "Absolutely the best disposition , athletic, willing , and intelligent horses going. Cheryl brings the best of breeding and lineage to the table. Absolutely love ours!!"


Kinsley Duppong

Fosston, Minnesota

Since 2015

Smart, athletic and  horse-crazy, Kinsley was over-the-top  energized for her first visits to GRE. Now, as a much more mature 12 year-old, she is a budding and serious horsewoman who makes us proud every day.


Marilyn and Byron Ness

Fertile, MN

Since 2011

"Excellent, boarding, lessons, conversation - all these things are top-notch. Cheryl is passionate about her work and it shows. The best part is that the horses are the first priority and everything is based on what is best for them. And the proof is in the pudding, so to speak - her horses are a perfect reflection of the quality of training and care they receive here."

From Marilyn:

Always willing to help out in any way possible, the Ness' positive, can-do attitude is always a welcome bonus for all of us at GRE. Marilyn's is our go-to gal for all artistic and linguistic needs. Brochures, banners, websites, cards, you name it, we couldn't do it right without her. 


Mike, Kathi, and Elizabeth Grandbois

Fosston, MN

Since 2014


The Grandbois have just hit their one year anniversary with

  horses and GRE as I write this.  What a fun, exciting and

   productive year it's been for all of us. Highly energetic, curious,

     gutsy and hard-working (coincidentally, traits we admire in

      young horses too) Elizabeth's commitment and progress has

     been consitent and impressive.  This has truly been a family affair, with Mike and Kathi both attending and participating in lessons often.  We can 'Expect Great Things".

From Elizabeth:  "Charley is the horse I love.  This is awesome." 




Sara Lucken

Winger, MN

Since 2016

One of our newest friends, Sara got interested in learning more about horses at a family reunion last summer.  Her love and enjoyment of all of the horses is apparent every time she's here at GRE. We're all looking forward to a fun and horsey summer.

Sara likes to share her horse time with granddaughter Ivy....and anyone else who comes along.


Shelly and Claire Juve

Erskine, MN

Since 2016

No worries here---Claire may be cute on a horse, but her passion about all things equine is what really makes her special. Claire uses her 'want-it-now' attitude to help build her focus and try, and is learning to appreciate the step-by-step progress on the way to her BIG goal. Lucky Claire---mom Shelly recently started riding with her. What a great way to spend time together, and share all the trials, tribulations, rewards and accomplishments of this horse-life.


Jolayne Simpson 

Plummer, MN

Since 2014

Truly a blessing for everyone the day life-long horsewoman Jolayne arrived at Glacial Ridge Equine...with, as per usual, three or four grandchildren in tow. Jolayne has been an enthusiastic

participant and assistant in all GRE special activities and events.  Her dedication, focus and commitment to kids and horses is inspiring

and incredibly fun.  We love having her here!



From Jolayne: "I LOVE Glacial Ridge Equine. Cheryl is a really great instructor; makes me believe that I can be a good rider someday if I keep working at it."

Jon, Lisa, Jess, Ben, and Aimee Ross

Fisher, MN

Since 2014

Horse-focused Aimee has brought the whole family---mom, dad, sister Jess, brother Ben and even Aunt Jackie and Grandpa and Grandma into this horse thing.  Regular attendees at GRE events and activities, it's not unusual for the whole family to participate in Aimee's lessons. So much fun

                                  for all of us!


Ashley Olson

Thief River Falls, MN

Since 2014

Busy Ashley [mom of two (under seven year olds), works full-time job] decided that NOW was the time to learn about horses.  Lucky lady has the support of hubby Cole and the rest of the family as she dives into this horse life with both feet AND her new horse Phoenix.  Always focused and positive, we love having Ashley here whether she's riding or helping out with the never ending chores!


Laurie Pinske

Mahnomen, MN

Since 2017

A beautiful kind heart truly interested in learning what is best for the horse. Laurie immediately fit into the feel and philosophy of GRE.  We are blessed to have her as part of our family.


"People come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes it's best to not overthink the 'why' but to enjoy, appreciate and hope they stay."


Justin Edgar

Bathgate, ND

Since 2014


Laid back Justin and equally laid back Willy are the best-matched pair ever!  It's been such a joy to watch these two learn together and form such a wonderful partnership.   Love these two!




LouAnne Olson

Maddy Sanders

Caden Sanders

Crookston, MN

Since 2012


We knew LouAnne would fit in at GRE when we first met her at our Curt Pate clinic in 2012.  A frequent clinic participant, lifelong horsewoman LouAnne is utilizing her recent retirement to polish and hone her wonderful horsemanship and natural ability with horses.  Louanne brings her buckskin mare Josie, granddaughter Madi, grandson Caden, and 'foster' horse Radar along for lessons so it's always an adventure!


Michelle Dreissen

Maple  Grove, MN

Since 2014


Lucky Leota was so blessed the

day that Michelle called to ask

about her. What a great life Leota

has had since then.  Summers

in the country, traveling to the

Badlands and elsewhere for trail

riding adventures; winters in the

cities in a heatedb arn and indoor,

learning new skills. We're so grateful to Michelle and Jerry for welcoming this sweet mare into their family.

From Michelle: "...I have a complete appreciation for the way Cheryl interviews prospective owners and makes sure the match is good for both the horse and rider. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another horse from GRE and have sent several friends to them. Leota has turned out to be exactly what was advertised!"


Sue Horman

Rogers, Minnesota

Since 2015


From Sue: "Everything I'd read on the GRE website rang true. Cheryl's passion for horses and her sensitivity to training captured my heart. Then I met 'Roger' and he was everything Cheryl told me he'd be. Needless to say, 'Roger' is now a permanent part of my life and I couldn't be happier. I know I have the best, beautiful bay and without a doubt Cheryl will always be an instrumental part of our lives. What a happy moment for me when my search for a horse lead me to Glacial Ridge Equine."

One of our favorite sayings at GRE is "Everything will work out the way it's supposed to."  There was lots of interest in Roger almost from the moment he was born in 2009.  A beautiful bay gelding with a disposition that seems almost to good to be true, he's an AQHA grandson of both Dynamic Deluxe and Leaguers Shadow. Even so, we just never felt the 'fit' was right for both the interested humans and Roger. Until Sue appeared.  There was an immediate bond between these two that was almost visible.  End of story. Roger is enjoying the good life with a family of his own!


Jolynn Geray

Mahnomen, MN

Since 2016

Jolynn truly walks, talks, breathes and thinks about horses 24/7.  She has grown up around very large Belgians (which she has learned are also called 'Brabants' in some parts of the world). Jolynn is currenly waiting for her Belgian

mare 'Sparkle' to have her first foal in April, 2017. We're all excited to meet this baby!



Sue Gunvalson

Gonvick, MN

Since 2014

Sue brings her positive and cheery attitude, as well as her super sweet mare Holly, into our barn with every visit.  Always supportive of our activites, she always has an encouraging word for everyone!  We're so lucky to have her in the GRE family.

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