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Services At Glacial Ridge Equine

Glacial Ridge Equine---the place for....

  • colt starting

  • tune-ups

  • show coaching

  • lessons

  • trail riding

  • clinics

  • boarding

  • ....and more.  Call for more info while we build this site.  218-686-3838

  • All of our services and programs are equine-centered and focus on producing confident, healthy and sound horses well prepared to reach their full potentials over a normal long life span.

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"Learning is not attained by chance.

It must be sought for with ardor

and attended to with diligence."

                                         ---Abigail Adams

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Join us June 8, 15, 22nd, 2024, for 
'Finding The Feel' ---a unique, immersive, fun horse experience that 
will change the way you think about horses! 

Call for more info: 218-686-3838


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    ***2023-24 Lesson Packages***

                       Beginner Horsemanship Packages                   

                     Includes: basic horse handling, equine body language,

     self-regulation, equine management, feeding, anatomy,
                  introduction to horsemanship skills necessary to enjoy a relaxing, drama-free partnership with horses.

Not Sure About Your Horse Lover's Preferences? 


Don't see exactly what you need?
              Give us a call---we'll help you design a package to help you reach your goals!



Join us on Saturday mornings for Trail, Obstacle, and Showmanship Workshops. 

 ~~~ Limited to 6 riders per session. 

 ~~~Beginner -thru-advanced sessions.

 ~~~ Call 218-686-3838 to schedule.

~~~ 9am-12 noon Saturdays.

 ~~~ Juniors thru Adults Horses.

~~~Weanlings thru Aged Horses.

~~~Green thru finished Horses.

 ~~~$55/horse-rider combo.

 ~~~$45/horse-rider combo for 4H,  AQHA, ApHC, APHA members.

 ~~~10% discount for pre-registering for three consecutive workshops.

We can accommodate larger groups with notice.


                     Glacial Ridge Equine

  Is Pleased To offer the following Riding Packages For The 2023 Holiday Season:

~~~Longeline packages: 5 or 7 consecutive sessions. Great for students and teachers during the week between Christmas and New Years!

                                5 longe line sessions: $175(for all 5)

                                7 longe line sessions: $240 (for all 7)

~~~Beginner-thru-Advanced Lesson Packages:

6 lessons (1.5 months): Ages: 6 and under: $235

                                                     7-13:               $295

                                                     14 and up:     $390

12 lessons (3 months): Ages: 6 and under: $450

                                                     7-13:               $570

                                                     14 and up:     $720

~~~Showmanship Workshop Packages
~~~Trail Workshop Packages

~~~Vaulting Workshop Packages

****Scroll down for workshop information****

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'Finding The Feel'*

Focused  3-day equine experience for the lifelong learner. 

Limited to 7 participants, 18 and older.

*Pre-requisites apply.

Designed to enhance effective, proactive communication between horse and human. Based on the principle that true understanding of horsemanship takes time, consistency, and commitment. Emphasizing the on-going process of true horsemanship as a worthy goal to continue pursuing, promising rewards for both horse and rider.


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'Guts and Grit' *


One-day horsemanship experience, designed with the junior rider in mind. The emphasis is on building horsemanship skills thru a true understanding of the horse. Young riders learn how to focus and embrace challenges as learning opportunities, skills that can be applied in school, sports and social settings. 


* Pre-requisites apply

Limited to seven riders.

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Advanced Horsemanship



Details Soon!!!

*Pre-registration required*

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Lesson Program

 Our unique lesson program is a step-by-step process that starts at the beginning and progresses methodically towards individual goals.  From the basic fundamental principles of effective horsemanship to advanced levels of the riders choice of discipline, the focus is to develop efficient communication between rider and horse.  The goal is always to produce a relaxed, confident team that enjoys the time they spend together.  Challenges are presented as opportunities to learn and have fun.  All riders start with private lessons, and are encouraged to ride in semi-private and group lessons when appropriate.  Riders who regularly take a weekly lesson and have reached 'Advanced-Beginner' status are encouraged to schedule independent supervised practice rides at no additional cost, as scheduling permits. All lessons are allotted a two-hour time slot to allow for questions, groundwork, as well as mounted time and MORE!

RATES: Single lesson: $65-$85

    Lesson Packages: SEE ABOVE

               *Longe Line Package (pre-requisites apply):

                                                    5 longe line sessions: $150 (for all 5)

                                                    7 longe line sessions: $170 (for all 7)

*Longe line sessions are short intense (but fun) sessions designed to enhance balance, independence, and communication.  Sessions are on consecutive days.                                      


             ***Cancellation fee (less than 48 hr notice): $65-$85/person

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Minimum 3 months. Seven day/week program includes multiple daily short sessions, six weeks of ground work, no drama.  Ground work includes but is not limited to light round pen exercises, ground driving, lateral exercises, hobbling, tying, tacking while ground tied, mounting/dismounting. Riding typically starts within first week, but ground work continues for a full 45 days.  $850/month for first three months.  Includes lessons for owner, feed, grooming, turnout. Owner is responsible for vet, farrier, de-worming costs.  Special consideration for horses from our breeding program.



                    $725/month, includes lessons for owner, feed, grooming, turnout. Owner is responsible for vet, farrier, de-worming costs. 

                    $675/month for Glacial Ridge Equine started/trained horses.  Includes lessons for owner, feed, grooming, turnout. Owner is responsible for vet, farrier, de-worming costs. 


BOARD:      Regular: $650/month.  Includes stall, feed, turnout. Use of arena and out door riding areas.

                    Indoor 24/7: $750/month.  Includes stall, feed.  Special feeds, supplements, therapies are available at  additional cost. Termination of board requires a minimum of 30 days notice. Refunds at discretion of barn management.


ADDITIONAL FEES: If horse arrives for training or board with grooming issues, additional charges apply, including, but not limited to: cockleburr removal and/or mane/tail detangling, heavy mud, manure removal: $55/hr, 1 hour minimum.


OTHER FEES:   Show Prep: Clip, bath, band/braid, tail, hoof: $55 - $75  

                           Day Fee/Coaching: $55/day




(and do it correctly?)


Have you always wanted to start your own horse and/or have that special role in your horses life?  We'll take you through all the steps of training your horse to become your confident and relaxed partner.  To qualify for this 90 day program participants must:

         1. Be a proficient rider who is able to confidently ride a broke horse at all three gaits in diverse indoor and outdoor environments. 

         2. Must be able to be at barn everyday for at least 60 consecutive days.


RATES: $900/month with your horse

              $1100/month with our horse




Ancillary Materials

We have made understanding all aspects of the horse our life's mission.  We've done this through lifelong education from outstanding academic institutions, decades of instruction and mentorship from well-credentialed and highly experienced professional horsemen and woman, and decades of hands-on experience with hundreds of horses of all ages, backgrounds, bloodlines and disciplines. We love sharing our knowledge and experiences with everyone who thinks they might have a passion for or even a casual interest in horses.


Some things that are important to know before committing to this journey:

1. Not everyone needs to own horses, or even one horse, to fully benefit from the horse-human relationship. There's lots of other options that can be even more rewarding and appropriate in many cases.

2. If horse ownership is, in fact, a goal for you, the first step towards this goal is NOT buying a horse. While there are plenty of people who take this approach, and plenty of people who will gladly sell a horse to a novice, that's a recipe for disaster.  The first step is to learn about horses. From the beginning, from the bottom up. As with anything else that a person is serious about learning, there is a process involved.  A process that has logical, progressive steps, that requires appropriate mentorship for success.

3. Horses are not Do-It-Yourself projects. Expecting yourself or your child to 'just figure it out' is the most surefire route to failure. Even more to the point, horses are prey animals and a nervous and unsure human is surely a predator in their eyes. A 65- 200 lb uncertain, unknowledgable, and insecure human stands no chance of controlling an 800- 1200 lb animal who instinctively knows how to survive. And for the love of God, don't subject your kids to that situation and tell them if they want it bad enough they'll figure it out----unless you like Emergency Rooms and funerals.

4. Ask for references, credentials and validation of the credentails/references before getting instruction and mentorship. Well-educated and experienced professionals may be a little more expensive in your mind, but in the long run it's not only the most economical way to go, but also the most effective and efficient.

The truth is that the ONLY way to become an accomplished horseman or woman is by developing FEEL and TIMING, and the only way to do that is by spending appropriately guided time handling and riding horses. Other materials, like books, journals, magazines, articles, dvd's, demonstrations, clinics, can be useful when presented appropriately under the guidance of a qualified mentor.  Random and indiscriminate use of the above-mentioned materials are, at best, confusing and frustrating.  At worst, dangerous for all involved, including the horse. (If you don't care how it affects the horse, there really isn't any need to continue on this website.) Below you will find a list of some of the ancillary materials we use in our program.  The point of introduction of these materials into the process is as important as the lesson plan for the riding lessons.


**Many of the books on our list are also in the AR program.  AR points are listed as appropriate.


If I Ran The Horse Show

By: Bonnie Worth (Dr.Seuss)

Random House Books for Young Readers

AR Points: 0.5


0375866833 (ISBN13: 9780375866838)

Justin Morgan Had A Horse

By: Marguerite Henry

AR Points: 5

Aladdin (first published 1946


0689852797 (ISBN13: 9780689852794)

Edition Language


Literary Awards

Newbery Honor (1946)

Now You Can Read About

Horses and Ponies

By: Stephen Attmore

Brimax Books (1984)
ISBN-10: 0861122224

ISBN-13: 978-0861122226

Misty Of Chincoteague

By: Marguerite Henry

AR Points: 4


1416927832 (ISBN13: 9781416927839

Literary Awards

Newbery Honor (1948)

A Good Horse Is Never A Bad Color

By: Mark Rashid

Spring Creek Press 2008


1555661424 (ISBN13: 9781555661427)

Everything Horse

By: Marty Crisp 

ISBN-13: 9781559719216            ISBN-10: 1559719214               Northword Press 2005

True Unity: Willing Communication Between Horse And Rider

Ameri West Books 2009


0971138613 (ISBN13: 9780971138612)

True Horsemanship Through Feel

By: Bill Dorrance

       Leslie Desmond

Lyons Press 2007


1599210568 (ISBN13: 9781599210568)

Who Was Seabiscuit?

By:James Buckley Jr.

AR Points: 1

Grosset and Dunlap 2015

ISBN: 0448483092
ISBN-13: 9780448483092

Snowman: The True Story Of A Champion

By: Catherine Hapka

ISBN-13: 9781481478120

ISBN-10: 1481478125

Publisher: Aladdin 2016

Easy to read true story with lots of teachable moments.

Snowman: The Eighty Dollar Champion

By: Elizabeth Letts

AR Points: 18

Ballantine Books, 2012

ISBN-10: 0345521099

ISBN-13: 978-034552109

Another great perspective on this true Cinderella horse story.  An added bonus: Letts does a great job at the beginning of this book laying out the historical background of the horse during the 20th century.  For the more introspective reader, this provides lots of thinking material for the understanding of the often controversial roles, uses and fates of horses in our currrent culture.

Whole Heart Whole Horse

By: Mark Rashid

Skyhorse Publishing, 2009

ISBN-10: 1602396701

ISBN-13: 978-1602396708

Hunter Seat Equitation

By: George H. Morris

Doubleday, 1990

ISBN-10: 0385413688

ISBN-13: 978-0385413688

The quintessential authority on hunt seat.


By: Carol Dweck

Ballantine Books, 2007

ISBN-10: 0345472322

ISBN-13: 978-0345472328

Grit: The Power of Passion and Perserverance

By: Angela Duckworth

Scribner, 2016

ISBN-10: 1501111108

ISBN-13: 978-1501111105



(Books that every horse(wo)man and aspiring horse(wo)man should own.)

The Horse

By: Evans, Borton, Hintz, Van Vleck

W. H. Freeman; 2nd edition (1990)

ISBN-10: 0716718111

ISBN-13: 978-0716718116

Dictionary Of Equine Terms

Compiled By: New Horizons Equine Education Center
Alpine Publications (1998)

ISBN-10: 1577790146

ISBN-13: 978-1577790143



Equine Arena Handbook: An in-depth guide to arenas and running surfaces.

By: Robert Malmgren
Alpine Publications, Inc. 2010

ISBN-10: 1577790979

ISBN-13: 978-1577790976

An absolute must-read for anyone who plans on riding regularly. While many people agonize over what type of rail to use for their indoor or outdoor arenas, few realize that the 'footing' that horses are exposed to is actually the most important factor to consider.  'Footing', which refers to the total profile of the surface that the horse impacts, not just the top-layer, has major short- and long-term impact on a horses overall athelitic ability and useful  lifespan. Many people, including people who should know better, think that the 'footing' refers to only the top-layer or top surface that a horse makes contact with.  In fact, a thorough understanding of riding surfaces, as well as familiarity with the meaning of terms like 'base' and 'sub-base' will inform even the most casual rider of the importance of this topic.  Even if you will never build your own arena, spare yourself the pain of having your leased/boarded horse continually coming up sore or lame, or your favorite lesson horse being repeatedlyunavailable for your rides. Some useful hints to help the novice evaluate self-proclaimed 'good footing' arenas: *Are all or most the horses in the barn standing in stalls with wrapped legs? An occassional wrapped leg is not a bad thing; the majority of the horses in a barn with two or more legs wrapped all the time is a red flag. *Is there a prolific need for and use of 'alternative' therapies that are typically used to address undiagnoseable, chronic or recurring soreness, stiffness, pain, lameness issues? A random horse in a magnetic blanket or magntic leg wraps, an occasional chiropractic or massage customer, a single wave or vibration therapy patient might just be the result of a horse who came in with a pre-existing condition, or a random injury.  When every horse in the barn is on a constant regimen of anti-soreness therapies however, there usually is a common factor, i.e. training/riding techniques and/or environment.  Think about it: if every horse in a barn has a respiratory illness, there's usually a managment issue to address.  Why would it be different with soundness issues? Again, read this book, and read it for understanding.  A much under-rated subject, you will save yourself a lot of heartache and money. Another key point in the book:if an arena footing is properly installed, maintenance, while important, is manageable.  If there's need in your facility of choice for hours of daily grooming, even in a fast-paced, busy barn, that's yet another red-flag.  In addition to potential soundness issues, the cost of such maintenance is typically transferrd to customers.

The Principles of Horsehoeing (P3)

By: Doug Butler

Butler Pub and Tools, 2004

ISBN-13: 978-0916992262

ISBN-10: 0916992268



"The Indispensable Independent Seat"

By: Susan E. Harris

Equus, October 2010

"Not 'Just Getting By': Mastery, And Why Few People Achieve It."

By: Deb Bennett,Ph.D.

Eclectic Horseman, Jan/Feb 2017

"Riding With Bill"

By: Leslie Desmond

America's Horse, October 2009

"6 Steps To Becoming A Better Student."

By: Lendon Gray

Practical Horseman, January 2001

"Quiet Harmony: Become Mindful When You Ride."

By: Heidi Foster

Perfect Horse, June 2008


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